AVA 2003 Election Manifesto


Kamikaze pilots fly for the honour.

          Mercenary soldiers risk death for the dollar.

          But perish the thought,

          professional suicide for nought,

          with no saving grace, only dogma.


There’s a grease-laden stain, an institutionalised stain, on the veterinary record — it’s the hypocrisy of a ‘healing profession’ in cosy embrace with the artificial pet food industry.


Dr Tom Hungerford OBE commented: ‘Tell the people who won't review their views that: The foolish and the dead never change their opinions. Maybe that is an overstatement — as the 'brain-dead' may also refuse to revise.

Anyhow there are many who adopt the stance of: Don't confuse me with facts, my mind is made up.’


Dr Douglas Bryden AM remarked: ‘My role in the events so far was small, however I am proud . . . to have been able to be even a minor player. There is of course much still to be done, some of which will flow on naturally from your example. I would like to think that there will be many who will take up the challenge in the future.’


Is the AVA taking up the challenge, reviewing its views on artificial pet foods? No, the AVA continues in amorous embrace with its pet food company sponsor — and nurtures its relationship with the Petcare Information and Advisory Service, an organisation Stuart Littlemore QC labelled a ‘front’ for the Mars Corporation.


In the veterinary faculties it’s a similar story. Deals are done with powerful companies; because they need the money, they say. Some companies appoint student representatives and others present course material ensuring students adopt unquestioning attitudes to the companies and their dogma.


Whilst veterinary decadence gives cause for concern, it’s the welfare of the community and its animals that should concern us most. Something needs to be done.


Tom Hungerford is 91 with failing sight but can see enough. Where are you others with the power of sight and willingness to do something for your profession and community?


Let’s pull together and start cleaning-up this hypocritical mess. Every vote counts. Please post yours today.


Tom Lonsdale

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