Manifesto for RCVS Elections 1998

Tom Lonsdale is a candidate for the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Council elections. For background information please consult Tom Lonsdale's Home Page or the listing at the Raw Meaty Bones Campaign page.

Election manifesto 1998

Published in The Veterinary Record, March 1998 and March issue of RCVS News.

Does it concern you that modern small animal veterinary science is founded on information derived from artificially fed animals?

Is it of concern that the majority of artificially fed animals suffer from periodontal and other diet induced diseases including an "AIDS like" condition? (See Web site)

Does the absence of naturally fed controls, in veterinary practice and clinical research, suggest a drift towards pseudo science?

The human medical and dental professions extol the benefits of a healthy natural diet, but the veterinary profession is influenced at every level by the junk pet food industry. Does this matter?

Do you want the Council of the RCVS to rise above the parochial and give priority to the biggest issues and hardest tasks?

Do you want the veterinary profession to be the local, national and international animal health authority?

YES is my answer and I am ready to do service on these and a raft of related issues. As a 1972 London graduate, BVA and BSAVA member resident in Sydney Australia, I can contribute an international experience and perspective.

Your vote in support of the vital tasks would be much appreciated.

Phone: +61 2 9626 2228
Fax: +61 2 9626 2526

P.S. If you remain hesitant and unconvinced then here is the challenge. Please feed your own pet carnivores on raw carcasses of poultry, lamb, rabbits etc. plus a few table scraps for just one month. The "smiles on their faces" and resultant vitality will, I predict, fill you with confidence and commitment.