2005 RCVS Election Statement



Pets are sick and pet owners are tired ó tired of being treated with contempt by leaders of the veterinary profession.


Itís elementary. A junk-food diet is bad for man and beast. Medical carers must Ďfirst do no harmí and in Britain, fair play and freedom of speech require that contentious issues should be discussed openly and transparently. Education should be free from bias, fair and truthful.


Some pet-owners recognise the ravages of junk-food induced disease; notice that many veterinarians peddle junk-food and that young vets emerge from veterinary schools talking the talk of junk-food salesmen. In July 2004 the UKRMB Group www.ukrmb.co.uk, in the absence of veterinary help, opted for self-help. They established a support system for pet owners, butchers and veterinarians wishing to feed carnivores in keeping with biological imperatives.


Accountability in the veterinary profession, they thought, rests with leaders of the profession. The UKRMB Group wrote to the British Veterinary Association, the British Small Animal Veterinary Association and individual members of the Council of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. A majority of letters went unanswered. The few replies that were received tended to be long on opinion, short on fact.


Members of Parliament show courtesy and consideration when responding to the UKRMB Groupís concerns. David Taylorís House of Commons, Early Day Motion, Number 335 sets a new benchmark, will gladden the hearts of pets and pet owners and, I hope, will be welcomed by veterinarians wanting a better, more healthy veterinary profession:


That this House deeply regrets the professional endorsement of processed food for domestic dogs, cats and ferrets by some members of the veterinary profession; is concerned at the level of incidence of malodorous gum disease and associated diseases of the kidneys, liver and other organs amongst the domestic pet population; recognises that their health and welfare is best served by foods, such as raw meaty bones, that reflect the full range of nutritional need; applauds and recommends the work of veterinary surgeon Tom Lonsdale and others in this field; recognises also that vets in the UK are trusted and independent advisers on the health of our pets; is therefore concerned by the nature of the relationship between some vets and producers of foods that cause illnesses in pets; and calls upon the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to make a definitive statement on the active endorsement and promotion of processed pet foods by vets.


Please ask your Member of Parliament to sign the Early Day Motion. Please let the RCVS and The Veterinary Record know that you support the motion. Please also give me your vote so that, together, we can open the communication channels; begin a scientific debate and take the actions necessary to preserve public trust in our profession. A glorious renaissance awaits the veterinary profession ó but first we need to stop, think and change direction. Thank you.


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