2007 RCVS Election Statement



1972 Graduate Royal Veterinary College, London
1972–80 Employed veterinarian
1981–97 Principal, small animal practice, Sydney, Australia
1991–07 Peer-reviewed and other articles exposing pet-food scam
1993 Preventative Dentistry in Veterinary Dentistry, Sydney University PGFVS, Proceedings 212, 235–244
1993 Feeding vs Nutrition: Have we lost the plot in small animal dietetics? AVP 23(1)
1994 Cybernetic Hypothesis of Periodontal Disease in Mammalian Carnivores, J Vet Dent 11:1
1995 Periodontal Disease and Leucopenia, JSAP 36, 542–546
1996 Established website: www.rawmeatybones.com
1997–07 Candidate RCVS elections
2001 Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health (Peer-reviewed 389 page book nominated for ACVSc Award www.rawmeatybones.com/vetsay.html)
2005 Work Wonders: Feed your dog raw meaty bones
(Nominated DWAA Award www.dwaa.org)
2006 Listed in Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare         

It’s more than 15 years since the Raw Meaty Bones Lobby blew the whistle on the junk pet-food industry/veterinary alliance. Dr Breck Muir described the veterinary profession as part of a ‘commercial circle’ whereby ‘a problem doesn’t exist so we create one and come up with all the remedial treatments’ (www.ukrmb.co.uk/images/AVANews.pdf).
I complained: ‘The stench of stale blood, dung and pus emanating from the mouths of so many of my patients has finally provoked this eruption of dissent.’ (www.rawmeatybones.com/No_3128.html)

Since 1991 veterinary authorities, rather than act responsibly, have denied the obvious and sought to defend the indefensible. In the UK the RCVS, BVA, BSAVA, DEFRA and veterinary schools consort with junk pet-food makers. (‘News’ at www.ukrmb.co.uk)

An RCVS Councillor, in conjunction with junk pet-food divisions of the Mars Corporation, coordinates the inappropriately named ‘Pet Smile’ campaign. In a promotional video a Mars Pet Smile spokesman poses the question: ‘Dogs don’t brush their teeth in the wild, why should I do it then?’ His candid answer: ‘Well, dogs in the wild eat prey; and they are full of bones; they chew through feather; they chew through skin; and as a result their teeth are kept nice and clean. Our dogs eat out of a bowl and that type of food accumulates along the gum line, causing a problem.’
Notwithstanding the cruelty, suffering and financial costs associated with ‘that type of food’ the BVA encourages further commercial exploitation:

Since 80% of dogs and cats over the age of three have dental disease, all practices should benefit from the dental work required. . . If your staff can successfully communicate the importance of tooth brushing, dental chews and specialist dental diets, this could be a new long-term source of revenue for your business. (2006 Off the Record 5:7)

Pet owners are growing tired of the pet-food industry/veterinary pursuit of ‘long-term revenue’. They want straight dealing and they want those in positions of power to be held socially, politically and legally accountable.

There’s much to be done. Fortunately a start has been made. Please visit: www.rawmeatybones.com, www.ukrmb.co.uk, www.usrmb.net, www.aussiermb.org.au

Please then do whatever you can with whatever resources you can muster for the benefit of your patients, clients and wider community — and your vote would be much appreciated too. Thank you.

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