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2008 RCVS Election Statement

In 1972, equipped with a London University veterinary degree, I set out to fill in the gaps. I wanted to learn more and make a contribution — first a stint as a volunteer in Kenya followed by a year at the London School of Economics. But there is no substitute for experience and over the next few years I worked in various mixed and small animal practices. In 1980 I emigrated to Sydney, Australia.

In the mid 1980s I became aware of the pandemic of dental disease and in 1989 researched and lectured on The 21st Century Environmental Revolution: Preserving a Veterinary Role. The pieces of the jigsaw came together revealing an unholy alliance between the junk pet-food makers, veterinary profession and (fake) animal welfare groups.

In 1991 Breck Muir and I blew the whistle on the junk pet-food debacle. Responses ranged from callous indifference to angry retaliation.

I was subjected to bogus disciplinary actions and threatened with jail. My expulsion from the Australian Veterinary Association was mentioned in NSW State Parliament: ‘This is the action of a kangaroo court. It is a disgrace.’

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Another year slips by as the veterinary profession slips deeper into the junk pet-food mire. Thousands more pets are forced to consume junk food by a profession that either does know or should know better. Hundreds more school leavers enter veterinary schools to begin their programming in diagnosis and treatment, but not prevention, of the pandemic of junk pet-food induced diseases.

In 1995, Past President of the RCVS, Henry Carter wrote:

  For 45 years I have observed Pedigree Petfoods (and its predecessor, Chappie Ltd) seeking to influence veterinary students and practitioners.

For over 25 years I have observed Pedigree Petfoods and other pet food manufacturers exerting what some may consider to be undue influence on the BSAVA. …

As a former editor of the Journal of Small Animal Practice, I believe that your letter [Revitalising veterinary science] should have been published … If the board of management had overturned my decision as editor, I would have resigned on the spot. I believe in open government and free debate in the veterinary press.

You may use these comments in any way you choose.

Ignoring professed standards and suppressing core issues seems to be a strategy favoured by the veterinary authorities. The RCVS promotes Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association propaganda:

In October 2007, veterinary students, betrayed by their universities and caught in the junk pet-food mire, attempted to make sense of their situation by convening a debate:

If ‘self-regulation’ holds any meaning then veterinary institutions and those at the helm must be held morally, politically and legally accountable. We need — our clients and their animals need — urgent resolution of the junk pet-food debacle, the most important issue facing the veterinary profession in the 21st Century. I have the experience, am ready to serve and seek your vote. Thank you.

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