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2009 RCVS Election Statement

RCVS Election Results

Following graduation in 1972 I worked in UK mixed and small animal practices. I settled in Australia in 1980. In the 1980s I became aware of the diet-induced pandemic of dental disease. In 1991 Breck Muir and I blew the whistle on the unethical junk pet-food industry/veterinary/fake animal welfare alliance.

Official responses ranged from callous indifference to angry retaliation. I was subjected to bogus disciplinary actions and threatened with jail. Partly to avoid harassment and partly to find time to write, I sold the practice and in 2001 published Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health.  

Hailed as the Silent Spring of pet health, Dr Douglas Bryden AM declared the book ‘a testament to your wisdom and your courage’ that ‘every graduate and undergraduate veterinarian should read’.  The veterinary establishment disagreed and sought to suppress the book. Junk pet-food makers responded with more hush money for vet schools, fake animal welfare groups and various front organisations.

With veterinary communication channels blocked, I took to the road to alert pet owners to the benefits of raw meaty bones research and experience. For thirteen consecutive RCVS elections I have sought to alert the profession to a huge and growing crisis.


‘They can be prosecuted under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act’ advised an American lawyer, speaking about the junk pet-food scandal. Different statutes apply in different countries and Class Actions are underway. In the UK, the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) looks promising.

AWA ‘Prevention of harm’ and ‘Promotion of welfare’ clauses require that animals under our care:

  1. Receive a suitable diet.
  2. Are able to exhibit normal behaviour patterns.
  3. Are protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease.

For dogs, cats and ferrets only a raw meaty bones based diet:

    1. Satisfies biological diet imperatives
    2. Ensures gnawing and chewing behaviour, essential for keeping teeth clean
    3. Protects against periodontal and many other diet-induced diseases.

At the EFRACom Examinations of the veterinary profession David Taylor MP pressed the point about vet schools beholden to the junk pet-food makers.

  • David Taylor: Professionally, you are not going to bite the hand that feeds you, are you? . . .
  • RCVS Past President, Professor Sheila Crispin: No.
  • RCVS Registrar, Ms Jane Hern: It does not say a lot for the impartiality of the profession that they would be swayed by that sort of thing.

Quite so!

If you view the documents obtained under Freedom of Information at
you will surely be dismayed that our profession is not merely swayed but bent, twisted and controlled by junk pet-food makers.

As veterinarians we have many opportunities in our daily lives to ‘first do no harm’ and then to do some good. Once a year we have an opportunity to send a message to the government and the veterinary authorities.

Please, I urge you; before casting your vote consider which candidates are likely to perpetuate the junk pet-food scandal and which candidates offer prospects for a solution.

Thank you.


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