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2010 RCVS Election Statement

RCVS Election Results

I graduated from the RVC in 1972.  Some fifteen years later I gained first inkling that most of my carnivore patients were suffering diet-induced diseases. Careful investigation revealed that the veterinary profession, colluding with pet-food makers and so-called animal welfare groups, had falsified the records regarding preventable diseases and premature death affecting millions of pets. (Harold Shipman hid in plain sight behind falsified records too!)

Despite establishment disbelief and denial, there is a scientifically sound solution understood by thousands of conscientious pet owners: Raw meaty bones promote health. In 1991, part blowing the whistle and part sharing a simple concept with profound health benefits, I published Oral Disease in Cats and Dogs.

In 1992 I delivered the Pandemic of Periodontal Disease lecture, chaired by Richard leCouteur (now professor at UC Davis) and attended by six academic vets including Professor David Church and Dr Jill Maddison (now of RVC). Dr Richard Malik attended and has since made significant contributions. Otherwise the information was treated with contempt by an arrogant assembly.

If the vet establishment refused to act, then I would. Since 1992 I have worked to solve the gravest issue facing pet health and the veterinary profession in the 21st century.

From the outset a corrupt veterinary establishment fought back. I was subjected to several bogus disciplinary actions and threatened with jail. To avoid harassment and find time to write, I sold the practice in 1997 and in 2001 published Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health.
During the election period the book can be downloaded for free at Please read the book and consider the range of options available for reforming our sick profession.

Clearly our veterinary ‘educational’ institutions, political structures and representatives have not helped; in fact they’ve done untold harm. We need a wide-ranging enquiry leading to the creation of a new Veterinary Surgeons Act. The prostitution of our profession must stop, a scientific renaissance could follow. For wider commentary see RMB Newsletter archives:

Institutions and individuals should be held accountable. Veterinary students deserve a better deal. We can launch law suits against veterinary schools that perpetuate false and misleading information in support of their junk pet-food sponsors.

Junk pet-food companies have infiltrated the highest levels of our profession. A chief scientist for Mars and a sales manager for Hill’s are past presidents of the RCVS? Another past president is in receipt of junk pet-food largesse and a councillor coordinates the ‘Pet Smile’ scam. Twelve councillors represent the vet schools — all in receipt of junk pet-food hush-money.

On a community level we can hold client information evenings and generally encourage discussion and understanding. Roger Meacock and I are available to address student groups, university faculties and professional meetings.

In our daily work we can practise what we preach: Ensure the welfare of the animals committed to our care.

Please use your vote strategically. Vote only for those who can be relied on to deal with the gravest issue facing our profession in the 21st century. Thank you.

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