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2013 RCVS Election Statement

RCVS Election Results


1972 Graduate, Royal Veterinary College, London.
1980s Gradual dawning that the veterinary profession operates in a junk pet-food bubble economy. The pet health costs, human economy costs and environmental costs are unsustainable. The bubble must eventually burst.
1991 Blew the whistle on the junk pet-food/veterinary alliance.
1992 Commenced campaign to educate and inform the veterinary profession, pet-owning and wider public about the junk pet-food scam.
1992/3 Circulated RCVS and Deans of British veterinary schools lecture monographs alerting them to the incompetence and negligence of the veterinary leadership.
1993 Obtained and published legal advice in Veterinary Dentistry, Sydney University course proceedings, of possible actions against manufacturers and peddlers of junk pet-food
1996 Website established
1997 First time candidacy for RCVS election
2001 Raw Meaty Bones published. Foreword by Oliver Graham-Jones FRCVS, long-time RCVS Councillor.
2002 Called upon young vets to sue their vet schools
2004 Raw Meaty Bones nominated for Australian College of Veterinary Scientists prize
2004 House of Commons Early Day Motion 
2005 Work Wonders published.
2005 House of Commons Early Day Motion
2006 to present: Lectures, articles and political campaigns for better pet health, human economy and natural environment.


In 1850 Ignaz Semelweiss, informed by clinical research in a maternity hospital, offended medical practitioners by recommending that they should wash their hands. When the medical establishment refused to bend, Semelweiss accused his detractors of being irresponsible murderers.
In 1991 Breck Muir and I, informed by clinical research in general practice, recommended that pets be fed according to biological imperatives. We raised the alarm on an intolerable situation affecting virtually every dog, cat and ferret under veterinary care.

In 2013 Professor Sandra Scarr, noting an unbending veterinary establishment, advised the RCVS: ‘It's a scandal waiting to happen . . . Until veterinary medicine frees itself from the grip of pet-food companies, it is vulnerable to public distrust — and disgust.’

It’s the job of the veterinary leadership to identify and investigate key issues, disseminate information and establish guidelines. Regarding the junk pet-food/veterinary alliance the veterinary schools, associations, journals and governing bodies remain in denial. Worse still, many individuals, organisations and institutions continue to work with junk pet-food companies.

Academics travel the world lecturing at veterinary conferences deliberately downplaying the effects of junk food. Practitioners are kept in the dark.

Pets, pet owners, the wider public and young veterinary students are all lured into the web of the junk pet-food/veterinary alliance.

The RCVS makes a mockery of self-regulation: 

In previous years I’ve called for a full parliamentary inquiry. Now I believe that the Council of the RCVS should be dismissed and an administrator appointed pending the outcome of that inquiry. As an aid to investigating and remedying the veterinary/junk pet-food industry alliance I recommend that there be legal actions against prominent companies, veterinary institutions and individuals.

Please use your vote to show that you care.
Thank you,

Tom Lonsdale

Raw Meaty Bones