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2014 RCVS Election Statement

RCVS Election Results    
Photograph of Thomas LONSDALE Media release: Lifting the lid on the junk pet-food/veterinary alliance

Mr Thomas Lonsdale BVetMed MRCVS
Candidate 8 of 19
Proposers: Roger Meacock, Andrew Stephens
PO Box 6096, Windsor Delivery Centre, NSW 2756, Australia
T +61 2 4577 7061
M +61 437 2928 00


1972 London graduate.
1980s Gradual dawning that the veterinary profession operates in a junk pet-food bubble economy. The pet cruelty, human economy costs and environmental costs are unsustainable. The bubble must eventually burst.
1991 Blew the whistle on the junk pet-food/veterinary alliance. See website.
1992 Commenced campaign to educate and inform the veterinary profession, pet-owning and wider public about the junk pet-food scam.
1992/3 Circulated RCVS and British veterinary schools lecture monographs alerting them to the incompetence and negligence of the veterinary leadership.
1993 Obtained and published legal advice in Veterinary Dentistry, Sydney University course proceedings, of possible actions against manufacturers, vets and other peddlers of junk pet food.
1997 First time candidacy for RCVS elections.
2001 Raw Meaty Bones published. Foreword by Oliver Graham-Jones FRCVS, RVC lecturer and long-time RCVS Councillor.
2002 Called upon young vets to sue their vet schools.
2004 Eminent veterinarians Dr Richard Malik and Dr Douglas Bryden nominated Raw Meaty Bones for Australian College of Veterinary Scientists prize.
2004 House of Commons Early Day Motion.
2005 Work Wonders published.
2005 House of Commons Early Day Motion.
2006 to present: Lectures, articles and political campaigns for better pet health, human economy and natural environment.


‘The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children.’
Dietrich Bonhoeffer.
‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’ Edmund Burke

Veterinary incomes mainly derive from treating pets – pets addicted to junk pet-food.

Denied their birthright of appropriate nutrients, teeth cleaning and mental stimulation – raw meaty bones diet fundamentals – the junk food addicts’ suffering begins with the first glutinous slurp. Thereafter nasty ingredients, vile mouth rot and obesity predispose pets to a litany of end-stage diseases.

Unfortunately arrogant veterinary schools deny the obvious in their monster display of the Semmelweis reflex.

Veterinary associations, snouts deep in the junk pet-food trough, host conferences in partnership with multinational pet-food makers.

Veterinary journals provide advertising and support for the pet-food industry. Bogus ‘research’ papers never mentioning the main determinants of pet disease extol the alleged benefits of artificial pet food and specifically condemn natural diets.

Brainwashed veterinary students graduate to become blinkered practitioners over-servicing a population of junk food poisoned pets but seldom if ever confronting the key determinants of pet disease and suffering.

Alas the RCVS when ‘Setting Veterinary Standards’ fails to see, hear or speak about the junk pet-food fraud — hypocrisy writ large and sinister manifestation of the rotten callous venal scam.

In previous years I’ve called for a full parliamentary inquiry. Now I believe that the RCVS Council
should be dismissed and an administrator appointed pending the outcome of that inquiry. I recommend that there be legal proceedings against prominent companies, veterinary institutions and individuals in respect to breach of contract, animal cruelty, theft and deception.

Please honour Bonhoeffer, Semmelweis and Burke; please vote to show that you care.


Raw Meaty Bones