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1 November 2001



Worse than a dog’s breakfast


A new book, Raw Meaty Bones, explains how the $1.5 billion trans-national artificial pet food monster settled in our midst. It shows how veterinary ‘scientists’ — pet healthcare professionals — collaborated in our downfall.


Few, if any, benefits counterbalance the litany of ills, suffering, economic loss and environmental degradation; yet veterinary researchers and universities seek to defend the indefensible.


It’s a familiar tale, immortalised by Hans Christian Andersen in The Emperor’s New Clothes. Everyone can see the Emperor, stark staring naked. But everyone applauds the charade — either through vested interest or fear of stating the obvious. (Such is the power of propaganda.)


Successive governments facilitate the creeping pet food colonisation.


Does it mean that both major parties are equally to blame?


Does either party have a plan to investigate the obvious?


Do the parties have the will to act? or do they think collaboration is the answer?





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