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Vets Say: Dr Johan Joubert


Watching the program Champions of the Wild on the BBC last night it was astonishing to note how clearly scientists suddenly interpret the cybernetic model, or even the theory of Gaia, without any mental gymnastics or ridicule — in fact clearly making the distinction that it is the hordes of wildebeest migrating through the vast expanse of East Africa that acts as the hub of a very well oiled wheel. Why now?

Are we, as humanity, perhaps affected by the 'hundredth monkey syndrome' more significantly than most would like to admit? I believe so.

In fact, your hypothesis on page 299 of Raw Meaty Bones can be effortlessly used as a standard template to work through the entire interconnectivity of all matter in this WHOLE Universe never mind just in our domestic canine and feline populations.

Your words on page 299 and my logic only took a minute to summarize the migration of wildebeest and their impact on a massive ecosystem.

For instance, when your Plants <=> Herbivores <=> Carnivores <=> Periodontal disease organisms model is expanded to include the energy of sunlight acting on Soil <=> Plants <=> Herbivores <=> Insects < => Carnivores <=> Periodontal disease organisms <=> Soil we have a simplified Gaia circle.

In the TV program the wildebeest calves are dropped at birth and run within minutes; dung beetles bury wildebeest droppings in the soil within minutes of defecation. Approximately 500 000 calves are dropped in the nutrient rich Andropogon grass planes within a 3-4 week window period to 'saturate predators' and then migrate back where the clawed carnivores with their dependent offspring have to wait for the return of the wildebeest.

Clawed against hooved again; regulators being regulated classic example.

Then how ON EARTH is it possible that so-called intelligent 'scientifically educated' veterinarians and other natural scientists cannot draw the conclusion and accept the reality that we are heading for disaster if we don't change our mindset NOW?

And it's time for every veterinarian to read your book! For goodness sakes!

If you consider how much money is spent yearly on 'Continuing Professional Development' in the UK alone? Yet, your book is avoided like a plague.

Shocking to say the least.

And 'they' have the audacity to say: 'There is no scientific evidence.' ???????? Have we lost common sense and logic altogether?

Plants <=> Herbivores <=>PET FOOD INDUSTRY<=> Carnivores <=> Periodontal disease organisms <=> DISASTER!

It's time that they stop pondering what goes into the dog's bowl and WAKE UP. Wake up to the responsibility we face to respect and protect this planet we live on through our behavior and action; to stop hiding behind vested financial interests shake off the fear of loss and develop a desire to gain.

I am fed up being associated with and/or controlled by spiritually dead people defending the interests of multi-national conglomerates and I distance myself from that mindset and practice in the strongest possible terms.

You have been fighting this battle alone and for long enough.

You are not alone anymore.

Feel free to mention or quote any of this if you find it assists you in what should be the WHOLE PROFESSION's endeavour not just 'yours'.

Speak to you soon.

Kind regards,


20 July 2003
"Dr. Johan Joubert"

Raw Meaty Bones