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Media release        2 January 2003                   

Keeping vets in the dark

British vets are being ‘kept in the dark’ about a book that leading veterinary educator Dr Douglas Bryden recommends should be read by all vets. Dr Bryden said Raw Meaty Bones is a testament to the wisdom and courage of the author

Tom Lonsdale, a British vet who now lives in Australia.


The Law Society Journal, CAB International and several pet journals have all published rave reviews www.rawmeatybones.com. But the journal of the British Veterinary Association and the journal of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association both refuse to review the book.


Dr Bryden said Raw Meaty Bones contains new insights and pearls of wisdom. Surely insights and pearls should be made available to British vets too?


When vets finally do open the book they will find insights on how the ₤16 billion global pet food industry poisons the world’s pets — with the participation of a majority of the world’s vets. Details are revealed of how the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, The British Veterinary Association and the British Small Animal Veterinary Association are mixed up in the scandal.


The book describes how most pets suffer from foul breath leading to life threatening kidney disease, liver disease and immune compromise. But it’s not only pets that are poisoned by their diet. Lonsdale shows how zoo keepers collaborate with the pet food companies using endangered cheetahs to promote the commercial offerings.

Raw Meaty Bones highlights corruption and suffering, but ultimately presents an optimistic message. Dr Lonsdale shows how a more natural pet diet has almost medicinal properties — the sick get well and the well stay healthy. Lonsdale points out the cost savings and environmental improvements that will follow when vets abandon ignorance — but first there must be open debate.


Dr Lonsdale will be visiting Britain 2–10 January 2003.

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