Statement to Parliament: AVA action a 'disgrace'

13 May 2004 Mr Paul Lynch MP, Private Members Statement, New South Wales Legislative Assembly
Some background documents
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8 January 2004 Australian Veterinary Association (NSW Division) letter advising of an anonymous complaint and the disciplinary process.
Email correspondance with The Veterinarian and subsequently the Board of Veterinary Surgeons of New South Wales. An anonymous complainant 'considered that the accusations within the email denigrate the integrity of the veterinary profession'.
5 February 2004 Tom Lonsdale's response to the AVA 'accusations'
23 February 2004 AVA letter advising of the NSW Division recommendation to cancel membership.
1 March 2004 Lawyer's letter pointing out a lack of a fair hearing and requesting a meeting 'in order that the parties may find a way forward'.
2 March 2004 AVA letter advising of cancellation of membership.