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Papers and Articles

Oral Disease in Cats and Dogs - 22 August 1991 opening statement as submitted. Quote: 'A few Class Actions by aggrieved pet owners would probably work wonders'.

Oral Disease in Cats and Dogs - 1991 opening statement as edited and published by Sydney University Post Graduate Committee in Veterinary Science

Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health
Tom Lonsdale
Sydney University, Control and Therapy Series No 3323 December 1992

Feeding vs Nutrition: Have we lost the plot in small animal dietetics?
Aust. Vet. Pract. 23(1), March 1993

Putting Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease in Context
December 1993 Letter to the editor - Journal of Small Animal Practice

Preventative Dentistry - June 1993 Practical Suggestions

Cybernetic Hypothesis of Periodontal Disease in Mammalian Carnivores - March 1994

Revitalising Veterinary Science
Submitted for publication to the Journal of Small Animal Practice. 15 September 1994. Accepted for publication 24 November 1994. Rejected 21 December 1994.

A Need for Natural-food Control Groups in Periodontal Research
Letter in Australian Veterinary Practitioner, 25(3), September 1995

Periodontal disease and leucopenia - Journal of Small Animal Practice (1995) 36, 542-546.

Chicken Wings - April 1996 Diet Safety Considerations

Plasma cell pododermatitis resolution after dental and dietary therapy in two cats
Submitted for publicaion to: The Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 7 March 1996. Rejected 25 June 1996

Sticking to principles in the face of the pet food industry challenge - November 1996
Address to Blacktown City Council - Critique of the Australian Veterinary Association/artificial pet food industry campaign targeting of primary school children

The whiff of dogs' breath, money and veterinary research - January 1997
Submission to Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Committee of Enquiry into Veterinary Research. Chairman: The Earl of Selborne KBE FRS DL

Aunty denies 'sleeping with the enemy' - August 1997
The Whistle Newsletter of Whistleblowers Australia Inc.

Reality Check paper first published 1997

Australian Veterinary Journal 78:10 October 2000

Poison your pets with multinational offerings Paper published by Crikey Media Pty Ltd - 21 October 2001

Critique of 'prey model' jargon
Discussion on rawvet list March 2006, including 'banned' post

Junk Pet Food And The Damage Done
Nexus Vol 14 No 6 October/November 2007
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Sefi’s Ear Discharge
Control & Therapy Series, Sydney University, Centre for Veterinary Education. Paper accepted and re-accepted several times prior to final rejection, November 2008.

Blowing the whistle on the pet-food industry/veterinary/fake animal welfare racket
Whistleblowers Australia, 2008 National Conference and AGM
December 6 and 7 at University College, University of Melbourne. (poster)

Raw Meaty Bones: Essential food for working K9s
K-9 Cop Magazine September/October 2011

Effects of gum disease in working dogs
K-9 Cop Magazine December 2011

Effects of gum disease on sense of smell
K-9 Cop Magazine Jan 2012

Feeding A Raw Diet For The First Time
First published in Raw Instincts Magazine Vol1 Issue1 2012

Most Supportive Vet nominee questionnaire       Check List of 'Maker's instructions'
Master Dog Breeders and Associates 2014 Award

Proposed lecture at Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons EBVM conference Oct 2014

Raw meaty bones essentials
University of Sydney, Centre for Veterinary Education, Control & Therapy Series – Number 5682, Issue 291 June 2018

Submission to 2018 Senate Inquiry on Safety of Pet Foods

Raw Meaty Bones