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Transcript of 612 ABC Radio Brisbane. Steve Austin, 16 May 2018

Video recording of the radio recording.

ABC Radio National: The world today 24 March 2016

University of Sydney veterinary faculty overhauls sponsorship code of ethics

New Zealand Public Address Radio 12 April 2010
Are you feeding your pets junk food and not knowing it? Dr Tom Lonsdale explains how junk pet food could be making your pet sick.

Russell Brown interview with Tom Lonsdale

Passion for the Planet - Raw Meaty Bones Interview 2003 posted online 11 Nov 2010

Passion for the Planet - Pet Food Interview 2003 posted online 11 Nov 2010

Animal Talk Naturally, 21 August 2008

Economics or Health: Our Carnivore Pets - Show #191

Veterinarian & author, Dr. Tom Lonsdale, joins us once again to talk with us about bringing home the truth about properly caring for our carnivore pets. Dr. Lonsdale has dedicated his life to make certain that pet owners are informed of what our pets need to thrive!

Animal Talk Naturally, 9 October 2007

Those Raw Meaty Pearly Whites - Show #114

Kim & Jeannie talk with Dr Johan Joubert

Animal Talk Naturally, 8 May 2007

The BONE-afide Truth: Gettin Meaty With It! - Show #92

Kim and Jeannie talk with Jackie Marriott of and Judy Rivers of

Animal Talk Naturally, 10 April 2007

The Silent Spring on Dog & Cat Health

1. Re-interpretation of existing evidence
2. Animated furry toy thinking
3. Breach of conspiracy
4. According to function
5. Adding value to garbage
6. The Deception
7. Toxic sludge
8. The Big Picture
9. Unlearning Specifics
10. Inversion of Truth
11. Empowered to make the decisions
12. The Three-Part Test

Animal Talk Naturally, 14 Nov 2006

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No Grain, No Pain - Show # 62

I'm HAPPY! Tail waggin' happy -which is why I'm bringing you a toy hehe - bepaws this week on Animal Talk Naturally we’re talking about my most favorite thing in the whole world: FOOD! And not just any food but Raw Meaty Bones with Dr. Tom Lonsdale, YIPPEE! Here is this week’s synopsis:

1. The Unlearning
2. House Wolves
3. A Revelation
4. Raw, Meaty Evangelism
5. Poisoned Pets
6. Furry Animated Toys
7. The Well Oiled Machine
8. The Belief Package
9. The Cost Factor
10. Turf Wars, Pundits, & Dumbing Down

Revelation 22: 12-16
Quote: There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long range risks and costs of comfortable inaction. ~ John F. Kennedy

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BBC Radio 4, 19 March 2005

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ABC Western Australia

Pet food is rubbish

Interviewer: Liam Bartlett

Thursday, 20 January 2005

Are we poisoning our pets with commersial pet foods? Dr Tom Lonsdale thinks so and .... explains why to Liam Bartlett.

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1:00 - Feeding Our Pets (Audio file) (Text file)   Testimonial
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Worldwide, people spend twenty-six billion dollars annually on pet food. But some rebel veterinarians now say that raw meat and bones may be a healthier alternative for your dog or cat. Join Kojo and guests for a discussion on the pros and cons of rejecting commercial pet foods.

Tom Lonsdale, veterinarian; author, Raw Meaty Bones Promote Health (Rivetco Pty., Australia)
Tony Buffington, Professor of Small Animal Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, Ohio State University
Dr. Susan Chrissy, Director of Nutrition Services at Chicago's Brookfield Zoo

ABC Western Australia

Are you feeding your pet the right stuff?

Interviewer: Liam Bartlett

Tuesday, 19 March 2002

Renegade vet and author Tom Lonsdale tells it how it is and takes your calls.. The title of his book says it all... "Raw Meaty Bones".

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Raw Meaty Bones