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Junk Pet Food And
The Damage Done
Nexus Vol 14 No 6 October/November 2007
(Unabridged text)

Speaking Engagements 2004

UK Morning Seminar

Date: Saturday 19 June 2004
Time: 10AM to 2PM

Venue: St Nicholas Parish Centre
           South Street
           Brighton, Sussex

Tickets:  Qty 1-3 £15
                    4 - 6 £14
                    7 + £12

Booking Forms etc please contact:
Jackie Marriott
Telephone: 01903 751629
Debs Wickham
Telephone: 01273 818540

UK Evening Seminar

Date: Thursday 1st July 2004
Time: 7PM to 10PM

Venue: Havering Dog Training Centre
           Goodhays Drive
           Harold Hill
           Essex (just off A12) Two doors from Harold Hill Police Station

Tickets:  £12 with a limited number available

Please contact:

Telephone: 0208 548 1970 or 07754 381594

UK Morning Seminar

Date: Saturday 3rd July 2004
Time: 10Am to 1PM

Venue: Askham Bryan College
           Askham Bryan
           York (just off A64)


Tickets:   £15
                    5 - 10 £13.50
                    10 + £12
Refreshments (tea / coffee biscuits) included in the price

Please contact:

Christine Stansfield
Telephone: 07752 795172

Scotland Seminar
Canine Health Concern

Date: Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th July 2004

Venue: Carsegray House

Tickets:   £260 (£190 non-residential), with a £30 discount for CHC members on residential workshops
Workshops at Carsegray House mean you'll be staying in a peaceful and tranquil setting and enjoying delicious homemade food prepared by an award-winning chef.

The accommodation itself is gorgeous: a gracious and welcoming mansion house where you'll be spoilt rotten and go home refreshed and enlightened.

To add extra value we will also be inviting top canine health specialists to co-lecture with Catherine O'Driscoll

Tom lonsdale has agreed to be a guest lecturer on the Foundation course of 17th and 18th july. This is a marvelous opportunity for dog lovers to talk in-depth with one of the world's top experts - over a whole weekend. Call it a Round Table Masterclass

Please contact:

Telephone: 01307 460603

USA Evening Meeting

Date: Thursday 29th July 2004
Time: 7PM to 9PM

Venue: dogTEC
           5221 Central Ave #1
           Richmnond CA 94804


Telephone: (510) 525 - 2547
Fax: (510) 525 - 2501

Raw vs. Cooked: A Panel on Dog Nutrition

Should it be raw bones? Ground raw meat with vegies? A home cooked meal? High-end kibble and canned foods? If you're tired of trying to figure out what's best for your dog and worried that he's not getting everything he needs, here's your opportunity to get all the facts in one place. dogTEC has put together a panel of experts who will answer all your questions, using relevant data and research instead of personal stories and anecdotes.

Panelists include Dr Sophia Yin, DVM, MS, Animal Behaviorist, and columnist for the SF Chronicle; Dr. Gary Hurlbut, DVM; Dr. Jenny Taylor, holistic DVM; Dr. Tom Lonsdale, DVM and author Raw Meaty Bones; Matt Koss, President of Primal Pet Foods, a raw food company; and a nutritionist from a high quality processed pet food company (to be determined at time of print).

Registrants are encouraged to submit questions for the panel with their registration.

USA Morning Seminar

Date: Saturday 31st July 2004
Time: TBA

Venue: The Marin Humane Society
           171 Bel Marin Keys Blvd
           Novato, CA 94949

Telephone: (415) 883 4621
Fax: (415) 382-1349

Raw Meaty Bones