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An Aussie vet has been expelled from the national society that represents his profession for constantly damning processed pet food. More...
Raw meaty bones vet expelled
An Aussie vet has been expelled from the national society that represents his profession for constantly damning processed pet food.

It's a simple message that's made veterinary surgeon Dr Tom Lonsdale a crusader for pet care, a campaign he's been conducting for the past 15 years.
"For good health we should feed [dogs] raw meaty bones," Dr Lonsdale declares. "Nature's right and I'm communicating nature's message."
Converts to his raw pet food diet, like breeder Leah Ryan, are raving about it.
"My dogs are 100 per cent more healthy, there's no doubt about it," Leah said.
But Tom Lonsdale's campaign has turned his veterinary colleagues against him and recently they expelled him from the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA).
The AVA's Dr Norm Blackman says "He was saying they were poisoning the pets in society and of course these claims are quite unfounded."
Dr Tom Lonsdale's warns that what you're about to hear may be upsetting if dry or tinned processed commercial pet food is what you feed your dog or cat.
"There are some less bad than others but by and large if it's processed it's not suitable," Dr Lonsdale said. "The fact is the vets are selling this junk food in their surgeries not only promoting it and recommending it, selling it."
Dr Lonsdale adds it's not all vets who recommend and sell commercial pet foods, but he believes "most vets, about 90 per cent adopt this intransigent view that you must keep feeding pets out of the can or packet."
But here is Dr Lonsdale's real sting
"I believe it's a corrupt system. The vet code says first of all you should consider the interests of pets but the interests of pets come way down the list of priorities for them once you get down to the nitty gritty," Dr Lonsdale said.
The AVA was far from impressed.
"AVA members were offended and felt as though they had been denigrated in some way," Dr Norm Blackman said.
Dr Blackman says the crunch finally came when Tom Lonsdale sent an email to the Veterinary Surgeon's Board and dozens of politicians criticising vets, alleging they have loyalties to the pet food manufacturers.
"He alleged vets in this country were actually involved in a consumer and scientific fraud against the community. That is simply not true," said Dr Blackman.
Dr Tom Lonsdale's membership was cancelled.
So what is the AVA's official view on processed pet foods and correct diet?
"They should be having a balanced diet. That may include tin food if owners choose to do that. It may include dry food, it may include vegetables," Dr Blackman said.
"[They should have that] in combination with raw meaty bones because meaty bones are quite good for dental health."
But Breeder Leah Ryan says on processed commercial foods her Collie's vet visits were often and the bills were high.
"Kidney problems, skin irritations I had about 20 dogs in those days and was spending about $1000 a month, so I decided to try for myself on a natural diet and they haven't looked back," Leah said.
For more details on the Raw Meaty Bones diet proposed by Dr Tom Lonsdale, phone (02) 4574 0537 or visit the website www.rawmeatybones.com or email: rivetco@rawmeatybones.com
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