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2004 Nomination for the College Prize of The Australian College of Veterinary Scientists

The College Prize (download criteria) is awarded to a veterinarian who has made an outstanding practical contribution to veterinary science or practice in Australia or New Zealand without the support of an academic environment and to whom finance and facilities are limited. The Awards Committee will consider the applicability of the contribution in the broad field of veterinary science.

In 2004 Dr Richard Malik and Dr Douglas Bryden AM, with immense generosity and maybe some personal and professional risk, nominated Tom Lonsdale for The College Prize of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists (ACVSc). The nomination stood for a period of three years until either the award was conferred or until the time elapsed.

In 2004 a Queensland veterinary dentist was awarded the prize. In 2005 there were no other candidates despite which the ACVSc declined to award the prize. By leaving the College Award vacant the ACVSc revealed their antipathy to Raw Meaty Bones the concept and Raw Meaty Bones the book.   

ACVSc Nomination — February 2004
Dr Richard Malik — Nomination
Dr Douglas Bryden AM — Nomination
Tom Lonsdale — Curriculum vitae
Tom Lonsdale — Publications

Some vets condemn junk pet food, support RMB feeding and RMB campaign.

By far the majority of vets -- in the tens of thousands -- endorse junk pet-foods and condemn RMB feeding and RMB campaign.

If you are a vet and would like to record your thoughts either For or Against, please send information to enclosing full identification and particulars. 


Dr Penny Watson, Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Medicine, University of Cambridge.
Course notes for Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Cert AVP March 2015

  USA Government Food and Drug Administration lunacy
  Dr Paul Pion - November 2010
  Nick Thompson BSc.(Hons), BVM&S, VetMFHom, MRCVS 2003

David Cuffe MRCVS — September 2010

Dr Johan Joubert — July 2003

Dr Michelle Cotton — Feb 2002

Dr Tom Hungerford OBE — October 2001

Dr Douglas Bryden AM — August 2001

1994 - 1997 Four separate complaints lodged with the Veterinary Surgeons Investigating Committee by vets associated with the Australian Veterinary Association and junk pet food producers. Unfortunately to reveal the identities of the complainants and the nature of the complaints could attract a penalty of 1 year in jail or $2000 fine or both and consequently cannot be revealed here.
2009 Washington State University vet criticizes the Hill's (Colgate-Palmolive) improper influence at the College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr Barbara Fougere — March 1994, 'consultant' to the Mars Corporation, lodged complaint with NSW Veterinary Surgeons Board. Note how Dr Fougere acts as front for Mars without mentioning her employer. In 1994 Dr Fougere refused to allow her identity to be revealed. However, a 1997 Freedom of Information request provided the information.
Raw Meaty Bones