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Junk Pet Food And
The Damage Done
Nexus Vol 14 No 6 October/November 2007
(Unabridged text)

RMB Campaign & Elections

2018 Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into Safety of Pet 'Food'.

See video and links to the Australian Senate web page.


Media releases, selected responses Submissions, public hearing Archive material reflecting on the Inquiry
27/6/18 Email to Minister Littleproud Published submissions Superb article by Dr Richard Malik
19/7/18 Email to Minister Littleproud Tom Lonsdale Covering Letter 2003 Dangerous Dogs and Diet
3/7/18 Letter to Senate Committee Tom Lonsdale Submission AVA Shameless Propaganda
8/8/18 Letter from Minister Littleproud Tom Lonsdale Supplementary Submission Sinister contract lab
8/8/18 Letter from Minister LIttleproud b 29 August 2018 Public Hearing audio 6/10/95 Woolworths supplied evidence of serious consumer
8/8/18 Letter from Minister LIttleproud c Hansard Transcript 29 August 2018 20/11/95 Woolworths dodge the issues
14/8/18 Statement by Kevin Conolly MP Committee Report  


British Parliamentary Action
Nov 2005 EDM
Oct 2005 BVA Policy Brief
Dec 2004 EDM

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Elections
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Selected RCVS Correspondence
1992 President acknowledges and circulates Pandemic of Periodontal Disease (Ref: Pandemic of Periodontal Disease: A malodorous condition)
1995 Past President comments on Mars Inc influence in the veterinary profession.
2004 Record of meeting with Professor Richard Halliwell, President of the RCVS
Freedom of Information enquiry October 2014
2014 Record of meeting with Professor S Reid, President of the RCVS
2016 Email Correspondence with journalist Sarah Kidby

Australian Veterinary Association Elections
2004 AVA action 'a disgrace'

2003, 2002, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994

Aspects of Australian Campaign
7 Nov 1994, Contemporaneous Record of Meeting with NSW Board of Veterinary Surgeons

International Campaign
Aussie RMB
United Kingdom RMB
United States RMB

Legal actions
Actions against veterinary schools
Actions against junk pet-food merchants

Conspiracy to defraud pet owners: USA vet clinics, Mars Inc, Nestle and Colgate in court

Raw Meaty Bones